Tourism Australia Partnership

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Lead Producer; 8 hybrid videos, 8 Australia regions, 8 different crews, always-changing Covid restrictions and over 6 months of a lot of 16 hours days and very strange work hours while producing from my home in Nashville, TN. 

Nashville Marathon

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Josh Newell and I teamed up to create a multimedia experience covering the Nashville Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, and 5K.

Stills, Infographics, B-Roll, Time-lapse, Barefoot Runner interview by Josh Newell.

Couple's Interview, Production, Editing, B-roll by me. 

The Dirty Pages Project 

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I was hired to work with some wonderful women in the Nashville area to tell the stories of 10 women who come from immigrant decent or are immigrants themselves and bring their culture to Nashville through food.

All video interviews were shot and edited by me. 

The Claire Donahue Interview

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Olympic swimmer, Claire Donahue, discusses the scandal that has disbanded both the Men's and Women's swimming team from WKU.

Interview done by Shelby Rogers.

Interview shot and edited by Bria Granville.

Interview and b-roll shot by me. 

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