Colorado Is For Photographers

CO has always been a place that peaked my interest. My first time going there was for a Sports Photography Workshop with Clarkson Creative. It was held in the middle of Colorado Springs and I could not seem to get over the fact that every single space of this city was beautiful. There was never a bad view no matter where you stood. So, naturally, when I got the opportunity to go along on a trip with someone very special to me, I had to say yes, & I’m very glad that I did. 

This trip gave me an opportunity to pick up my camera again, for fun, without having to worry about what my editor will think or what the client wants. This gave me an opportunity to say.. okay, I get to sit the work camera down and pick up the fun camera. & I’m very glad that I did this too. 

We went adventuring all over! We took the cog train up to Pike’s Peak (There are photos that look crooked but in fact are level… yeah… let that sink in.), we explored the gorge in the Rockies, Denver, and then finished off with the best, a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. By the end of my trip I was forgetting to take photos of what I was looking at because I couldn’t seem to avert my eyes or my mind to anything else. My chest was tight the whole time (thanks asthma) but it was worth it. I would love to come back and actually climb one of the “Fourteeners” and I have no doubt in my mind that I will do that. I’ll just have to remember my camera… and inhaler. 

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