Road trip Part 1: The Drive

There is something to be said for just going. I have always been the kind of person to need some sort of schedule, know whats ahead, know the plan. I made it a point to limit how much I could schedule. It was such an amazing decision. It allowed me to really stop and see the sights. What’s the point of a destination if you won’t enjoy the journey, right? 

On the first part of my trip I tried to visit as many of my dear friends as I could… but that turned out to be much much harder than I thought  it would be. I was fortunate enough to have the people and their schedule align so wonderfully that we got to see each other. I got to see friends and family that I hadn’t seen for years; some 10 years, others 5 or so. It was great reminder as to why I was taking this trip in the first place. Sometimes when you end of traveling day in and day out you stop looking at the road with the big doe eyes you started out with. But, when I got to see those friends that I had not seen in years, given them hugs, and then talked like nothing has changed…. That was it. It was like someone pushed my restart button and I was so ready for the rest of my road trip. To photograph my friends and family and to make memories on my camera and on my brain. 

Being on the road, by myself, seeing the world, seeing those that I love…. That was one experience I will never forget. Thank you to everyone that gave me a place to sleep, food to eat, and the memories that were made. 

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