Mini Gardens

Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything of the miniature persuasion. When I was approached to take photos for a feature on a company called Nashville Mini Gardens, I got very excited. 

Matt Cost invited us into his cozy and stunning Nashville home where you could see mini gardens sprinkled in every room. Each went with the decor of where it called home and was placed to perfection. His wife is the brains behind their interior decorating, which makes them the perfect designing couple. The Cost family was warm and welcoming and it was an absolute pleasure working them in beautiful light on a Monday afternoon. 

Enjoy some of my favorites and don’t forget to pick up the August issue of Nashville lifestyles Magazine.

Jake owen on a Boat!

Does it get much better than the title you just read? If you’re not a country music fan, then you have no idea of what or who I’m talking about. had the opportunity to partner with Nashville personality, Ashley Eichert, and hang out with Jake Owen on the Cumberland River while talking about our favorite topic here in town… music. Jake’s newest album, “American love” drops on July 29th so it only seemed right to make a video about it. 

(Of course in my head, I want to make a video about everything.) 

Jake was very sweet, down to earth, and exactly the guy you think he is. He was so excited to be on his boat show us photos and videos of his adorable daughter, Pearl, who he absolutely adores. It was a great day, and Jake is a great guy who knows how to make good music. 

Enjoy the video!

American Threads

Taking an internship at a magazine was something I never thought I’d do when I came into the WKUPJ program as a 23 year old freshman, but I’ve never been happier that I have. I fell in love with Nashville immediately and since then I have not been bored with one single project. I’v been able to take photos (though not always glamorous) and compose and edit video interviews. One thing that I am truly floored by is the ever growing fashion industry that lives in Nashville. It’s such a cool place that blends preppy/boho/western into one chic and comfortable style that is considered business casual in the workplace. 

The first opportunity to be published in the magazine came when I was sent to a new store that had opened up called American Threads. A place which embodies everything that I described. I very much had a hard time walking out without buying anything. 

Taking photos at American Threads was an absolute delight. Enjoy some of my favorite shots and hey, if you like anything you see I suggest walking over to the store yourself. 

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