Fly Fishing

Happy winter break everyone! Coming home has been wonderful because I’ve been able to find projects that interest and inspire me past just working and school projects. My whole life I grew up in an area where fishing and hunting reign and the woods are the only place to truly find yourself again, so I went back to the basics. I took my Canon 5D Mark III and my tripod and found a subject willing to let me hang around while he went fly fishing in one of my favorite places, the Ken Lockwood Gorge. I have to admit, It was harder than I thought it would be. As a fellow fisherman I know that the whip of the line is fast, but the sports photographer in me underestimated just how fast. I need more practice, but I had a great time taking time off to enjoy what I love and getting back to the basics. 

Mountain Workshops 2015

It’s Sunday night, I’ve just woken up from a 6 hour nap, and I can’t stop thinking about this past week. Workshops are such a great thing because they bring people together who share the same passion, but this workshop was unlike anything else I’ve experienced. 

I was a labbie for Mountain last year with my other WKUPJ comrades and we took on an entirely different workshop than anyone else. We did all of the behind the scenes and got to talk to the coaches, but I realized this year that the connections I made with everyone back then were only the surface. 

Coming into Mountain this year, I had no idea what to expect. You hear past participants talk about this grand thing that they have been a part of and you hear the work they are saying to you, but none of it is making any sense. I got there on Monday, the night before Mountain had started, and I went exploring with a bunch of students from other schools and a few from my own program. We were slightly confused by the town at first. It’s a capitol, but it has this small town feel to it the minute people leave work. The street is met with cross overs and wine as friends and business owners meet other on the sidewalk and talk about their day. Kids are climbing light poles while their parents dance to the live music on the street. There I was thrown into this beautiful, quiet, vibrant, strange place. 

I was there for the Time-lapse Workshop with Grant Kaye. The only one. I was nervous. The only thing I knew about him was what other people had told and what I myself had read on the internet. Needless to say he greatly exceeded my expectations. he threw everything at me on the first day and I did my best to keep my head from exploding. He pushed me far past my limit in so many ways, but the most important thing he did was recognize that I am not him. We both have our different styles and at first I thought I was simply supposed to emulate him and what he does, but he recognized me and saw that I wanted to tell the story of Frankfort first and formost and put my own style into it. 

For the first time I made a project, and no matter how many times I watch it (I will totally admit I keep watching it.) I never want to change anything. I love it exactly as is and I’m very proud of what I was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. 

Thank you Grant and everyone that pushed me and brainstormed with me and gave me a shoulder to lean on when things got really rough. You all are wonderful. 

To watch my video go to my Videos page and “Frankfort, Finding Time” is the first one you will see. 

To see the rest of the awesome work that was executed head to 

Weddings & Hurricanes

Hello!! It has been a while since I’ve posted… I blame my practicum teacher and my immune system. While September and October have been the busiest months I’ve experienced since my my internship this summer… It was all well worth it with the wedding of my very best friend, Cate. Her and her husband had a gorgeous, though rainy, wedding in Charlottesville, VA at a vineyard. As the maid of honor I had the honor of feeling some of the stress of the happy couple, but I was happy to carry it with me because this was one wedding I’ve waited most of my life for. While most girls spend their spare time planning their weddings, we only made one plan; I would be her maid of honor and she would be mine. 

As the wedding approached, however, so did hurricane Joaquin. I’m glad it did though… gave them the hashtag #JoaquinDownTheAisle… which is awesome. Thankfully the hurricane never hit and the wedding still happened, it was just a little wet and had to be moved indoors. 

The other great thing was that she hired a photographer that wasn’t me. This meant I got to take photos for fun and capture the moments the photographer wouldn’t be there for. I also got moments that were so special, thanks to Cate’s college roommate and bridesmaid, Krista. She picked up my camera and started shooting and I thank her for that. 

Here are some photos of my time with my best friend. 

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