The Hard Talk

I had the privilege of shooting a very important video of an interview for the Herald. It was one interview we were by no means expecting to get, but one that was absolutely necessary. 

A lot of times the media gets a bad reputation for portraying a story in a certain light and often times it’s because they only show one side of the story. As a journalist, I try to make sure that with any story I tell, I show every side. 

When WKU shut down the swim team, the story got shared nationwide, but from only one perspective. We were sitting at the Herald and saying to each other, What about the coaches? What about the students? What it going to happen to them now? 

We finally got a hold of Claire Donahue who is not only a WKU Swim Alumnus, but is also an Olympic athlete who still trained at our facility with the coaches and is a mentor to a lot of the athletes on the team. We agreed that those affected most by this decision also needed to be heard. 

Giving a voice to those who feel their voice isn’t being heard is why I do what I do. Thank you Claire for opening up to us and showing us the other side of the story. 

Camera Ready

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot an event on campus called “The Miss Omega Pageant.” Basically what it is, is a pageant thrown by a fraternity that gives curvy girls a chance to feel confident and beautiful. Some of them were already pretty confident and had no problem taking the stage. Others had no time to worry about the fact that I had a camera in their face because they were so nervous about going on. One thing that was continuous through all these wonderful ladies was how supportive they all were of each other and how amazing they all felt by the end of it. 

I got to work on this project with three other women from the College Heights Herald staff which only further added to the experience. There was an added benefit to working with some powerhouse women shooting a female powerhouse event. The teamwork and the camaraderie that went into making this event and this video were more than I could have asked for. 

With that said, I’m proud to be a female visual journalist.

Love yourself and have a great week!

Sincerely, Me

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