Video Producing & Editing

I am video produce and editor with an abundance of experience in digital and social editing. I work with multiple digital formats including 16:9, 9:16, 5:5, and 4:5. I work with both the editorial team and client collaborators for the company. The footage I work with ranges anywhere from mobile phone footage to 4k drone as well as Getty and Shutterstock. 

This was a team effort! I edited and my college produced. He found this awesome guy on Instagram and it been a big hit! 

Produced & Edited

Produced & Edited by me. This was a big take, but completely worth it.  This video was done in the age of Covid-19, hence all of the online interviews. Footage was stock, provided, UGC, and some of my own. 

Graphics Creation

It comes in all shapes an sizes and I'm still learning, but there isn't anything that I don't want to figure out to make. 

Learning 3D Title Animation using Adobe After Effects has been my latest endeavor

Graphics Creations + Editing

The use of graphics can really help tell a story, even in a super simple way. I animated these cute little icons, created by our graphics department, to let the viewers know what we were talking about in case they looked away for a second. Because who isn't doing multiple things at once these days? 

Edited Together

This video was Produced by our Senior Editor in conjunction with the Marketing Team. We edited together to create this video, working with After Effects. 


As affiliate marketing has taken off, we've had to figure out how we fit into the system. Finding content creators, using client products, but editing in a way that it still fit our brand. 

Produced & Edited by me. 

Producing Freelancers

While I found the talent and produced this video, I guided the shooter and editor to tell his own story of his trip and edit this himself. 

Using Format