Summit Lighting Workshop: Day 2

As if I thought I wouldn’t be able to top day 1, along comes Dave Black. For anyone that knows of him… He is awesome. As such an established photographer I was surprised to find out how down to earth and personable he was. He taught us his “Triangle Formula” which is a great thing to learn, but more than that he was so enthusiastic about letting us experiment. Any tiny spark of an idea we had, he was all over it! He would encourage us to develope our thought process and show us what we needed to do in order to make our photos come to fruition. Any question one of us had was answered and then some. 

The best part of our day though, had to be the rain because that in itself was a bonding experience. It worked for a bit with Dave and the Summit intern, Steven, holding umbrellas above the Profoto lights while we shot. (Side note: what a beautiful dream it was to work with crazy expensive Profoto lights… I see what all the fuss is about now.) But when it really started to pour we all huddled under one of the side door entrances of the school we were shooting at. 

Of course, we were all on such a high from taking amazing photos of our soccer model, Travis, that the last thing we wanted to do was throw in the towel. Dave had the idea to go for an early dinner and then hopefully see if the sun would shine for us after that. Of course, because we had luck on our side.. It Was Sunny! It was perfect really and some of the photos we got were absolutely perfect with the sun in the background. 

Thank you Dave for being such a great teacher and for truly bringing the fun! Also, Thank you Travis for being such a great model. You didn’t complain about anything and were entirely too patient with us. You were wonderful to work with. 

Here are my favorite shots from today and also some behind the scenes.

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