Camera Operator

When I'm not editing videos I am shooting on assignment. I'm very open to travel and using whatever equipment is preferred. I do have my own collection of DSLR equipment, but I am used to operating on the company's own chosen equipment. All of the below videos I was a camera operator working under a producer. I did not edit any part of these pieces. 

Manitoba, November 2018

As a camera operator on this shoot I was thrown into some very extreme conditions. The temperature was below freezing and with the windchill it was 30 degrees below freezing. The endurance of not just me as a shooter, but also of the equipment came with some lessons quickly learned that I won't soon forget. 

Manitoba, August 2018

While it was August, it had the feeling of a Tennessee October. All of this was shot on a C100 and C300 with our only stabilizers being tripods, monopods, or ourselves. Everything in the water was either GoPro mounted or shot from a "safety boat" or dingy riding along side, behind, or parallel to our kayaker and host. 

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