Camera Operator

When I'm not editing videos I am shooting on assignment. I'm very open to travel and using whatever equipment is preferred. I do have my own collection of DSLR equipment, but I am used to operating on the company's own chosen equipment. All of the below videos I was a camera operator working under a producer. I did not edit any part of these pieces. 

Manitoba, November 2018

As a camera operator on this shoot I was thrown into some very extreme conditions. The temperature was below freezing and with the windchill it was 30 degrees below freezing. The endurance of not just me as a shooter, but also of the equipment came with some lessons quickly learned that I won't soon forget. 

Manitoba, August 2018

While it was August, it had the feeling of a Tennessee October. All of this was shot on a C100 and C300 with our only stabilizers being tripods, monopods, or ourselves. Everything in the water was either GoPro mounted or shot from a "safety boat" or dingy riding along side, behind, or parallel to our kayaker and host. 

Affiliate Marketing

Getting paid doesn't always mean using the gear you want, but it does mean you get to be creative, and maybe see some ducks! Trying out some things with the Insta360 cameras was definitely an adventure in troubleshooting, but I got to star in a video as well as my husband and my Jeep. 


Creating a how-to video for Lonely Planet contributors using the Ista360 videos in the Covid era was great! I set up a makeshift studio in our office and living room. The only crew was my husband and I (he's not a videographer). 

Using Format